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ConnectFun Cashless

Say hello to the new cashless solution by Etix, the most trusted name in fair ticketing.

Empower fans. Increase revenue. Collect more data.

Experience the true impact of cashless! Fans will enjoy effortless ride, food and game transactions while you experience increased on-site spending and collect the data needed to optimize operations and reduce overhead.

Empowering your fans,
not increasing your lines.

Fans out of ride credits? Our brandable fan app gives your fans complete control to manage their RFID devices without ever having to wait in line or look for a kiosk.

  • Easily purchase ride or food credits on your smartphone.
  • Share credits with friends and family.
  • Pause and report lost or stolen wristbands.
  • Each fan app is custom branded for your organization.

No internet? No problem.

We understand that widespread, dependable internet coverage can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve developed ConnectFun to work in areas with little or no Internet connectivity. 

  • Redemption hardware works with or without an Internet connection. 
  • Credits are stored on individual wristbands, meaning fans can never spend more credits than they have paid for, even in an offline situation.

Real-time reports and data visualization.

Useful reports that automatically update with the information that matters most.

  • Usage data segmented by location and location group.
  • Real-time location analytics track usage over time.
  • Easy-to-run settlements ensure accuracy and accountability.
  • Audits, transaction reports, event summaries, breakage reports, and more … all at your fingertips.

100% Integrated with Etix

The most trusted name in fair ticketing is now leading the charge in cashless solutions.

  • Easily upsell midway or food credits when fans purchase gate or concert admission.
  • Better understand your fans with complete customer profiles.
  • See admissions, concerts, rides, food purchases, and more—all on one screen!
  • Target upsells to customers before your event using Etix marketing tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics

ConnectFun is a cashless solution for your ride, game, and food transactions. Guests will be able to redeem pre-loaded credits using an RFID-enabled wristband or card

A cashless solution can help you reduce your guests’ wait times in line or for credit card transactions, replaces the need for credit cards and cash as payment, provides more opportunities for your guests to increase their overall spend, and reduces breakage at transaction points.

ConnectFun can be compared to using a prepaid card, but with one key difference: guests pre-purchase digital event credits to load onto an RFID-enabled wristband or card. These then act as a key to access a guest’s unique ConnectFun account to pay for rides and games without the direct use of cash or credit cards. With ConnectFun, guests can reload their account as many times as they wish.

We understand the difficulties of maintaining active network connections across a wide area. While Internet connectivity is recommended to optimize real-time reporting, ConnectFun will also operate completely offline.


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a wireless system that captures information about an object or person on data tags and transmits it, using radio waves, to a computer network.

RFID provides the ability to read, write, and modify information stored in the data tag. RFID data tags have high security with data encryption and can be quickly deactivated and replaced if lost.

RFID is not used to track individuals. The RFID tags that we use are passive and have a limited reading range. This means that unless the guest actively places their wristband or card close to an RFID reader, their location is not known by the network.

How Can I use it?

ConnectFun currently works with the Etix ticketing platform.

We’ll provide you with readers for cashless redemption and validation, as well as the wristbands for your event. If you don’t want to use wristbands, we can offer cards for your guests to use.  You will be able to sell wristbands using our Venue POS, like you would a ticket. We also offer a consumer app (iOS and Android) that guests can use to preload and reload credits.

Yes, your wristband can be branded for your event, and the consumer app will have your colors and logo.

Within the Etix Box Office system, ConnectFun events will be created and sold as a special type of performance.

Advanced online sales occur via your existing branded consumer purchase process and infrastructure upon which event tickets are currently sold. Physical fulfillment of wristbands will be handled in the same manner as tickets.


ConnectFun reporting resides in the Etix Box Office, so reports that are already available to you for other events can be used. These include Single Location Settlement, Location Group Settlement, Operator Report, and Event Summary.

All data from ConnectFun transactions is uploaded to a cloud server. Report data is in real-time if you have an Internet connection; otherwise the Etix Box Office reports will update as the devices connect back to the Internet.

How can a guest use ConnectFun?

No! All guest purchases and reloads can be made at box office POS stations or kiosks (where available). Nothing additional is required to redeem credits. Guests can optionally choose to download the consumer app to pre-load credits, or purchase additional credits on site.

Your branded app allows consumers to connect a wristband (or card) by scanning a QR code or manually entering the code found on the back of the wristband. Guests can then manage all aspects of their wristband, including pre-loading and reloading credits.

Weather-proof RFID readers are stationed at all rides and games. These readers are both easy to use and read, and may be handheld or mounted to rails. Customers quickly tap a wristband on the reader, which provides immediate validation of wristband contents. A clear response informs the operator if a customer’s wristband has enough tickets remaining. If approved, units are immediately deducted from the customer’s wristband.

It’s up to you! When you set up your event, you can determine the number of units a guest can purchase.

Guests can visit a box office selling station or the consumer app to check on their credits.

Box office POS stations or the consumer app can be used for guests to share credits with a friend or family member by transferring them to another band or card. Refunds would be at your discretion.

If a guest loses their ConnectFun wristband or card, they can easily flag it as lost or stolen within the mobile app, or they can visit your box office for assistance canceling the unit and receiving a new one.

While ConnectFun can be used for all rides and games, guests will need a separate ticket for admission to your events such as fair admittance or a grandstand show. However, because ConnectFun is incorporated into Etix ticketing, a guest can purchase fair admittance tickets, event tickets, and ConnectFun wristbands or cards in the same transaction.


Yes; for reporting purposes, vendors can be tracked individually or in custom groups.

Yes; the vendor will need to use one of the specific RFID readers we have provided for you, so make sure you order enough for all of your vendors prior to the start of your event.

The ConnectFun scanning system is intuitive to set up and use. However if your vendors need a bit of coaching, we provide a walkthrough document, and as needed, assistance from our Client Support team.

We recommend that all ride and game vendors use ConnectFun because it creates a consistent customer experience. In addition, cash sales would not be recorded in our system.

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